100-E_Plate calibrator and rol.pdf

Plate calibrator and roller pull-off units for extruder units 

For the production of plates and panels made of hard foam, plastic, etc.

101-E_Laminator including chil.pdf

Laminator including Chill Roll Unit

For processing and production of plastic sheets

102-E_Take-off rolls for foil .pdf

4-Take-off rolls for foil and plate extrusion units 

For manufacturing of plastic foils and plates 

103-E_Laboratory calibration a.pdf

Combination of calibration / roller pull-off unit for laboratory extruder units 

For the production of plates and panels made of hard foam, XPS, plastic, etc. 

201-E_Winding- inspection and .pdf

Winding, inspection and cutting machine

For the processing of fleece, non-woven and other materials

202-E_Universal winding-off.pdf

Universal winding-off for fabric inlet, carding machine etc.

For the processing of textiles, non-woven and other materials

203-E_Unwinding, inspection an.pdf

Unwinding-, inspection- and cutting machine 

For processing of all web-type materials 

205-E_Combined input-output un.pdf

Combined input/output units for needle-punched non-woven fabric and shearing units

For the production of needle-punched, non-wowen fabric, carpets and other

206-E_Outlet of fleece plant.pdf

Outlet fleece plant (e.g. needle-punched fleece etc.) 

for processing sensitive materials 60 - 400g/sqm with a working width up to 5.800mm 

207-E_Winding and inspection s.pdf

Winding and Inspection System especially for ribbon fabric

(Primary Carpet Backing) (Secondary Carpet Backing)

303-E_Foam impregnation foular.pdf

Foam impregnating foulard machine

For the impregnation of fleece materials, needled felt, non-woven fabrics, etc.

306-E_Combined floating knife .pdf

Combined floating knife/Cylinder coating head 

(Working width: 1000 - 5200 mm) - main fields of use: paste or Foam coating etc. 

401-E_Fixing oven.pdf

Fixing Oven for fabric

(ribbon) of PP for carpet backing fabric (Primary Carpet Backing)

500-E_Stenter frame.pdf

Stenter Frame

For stretching, extending and spreading of fabric, fleece, felt, non-woven etc.

107-E_Extraction devices.pdf

Extractor device (chilled)

Cooling and extraction of material web in production process

105-E_Preheating and lamination unit.pdf

Preheating- and lamination unit for extrusion

Preheating of web material for lamination process

106-E_Chilled roller unit.pdf

Chilled roller unit

Cooling of material web in production process

108-E_3-roller calander.pdf

3-roller calender

Deburring and cooling of material web

204-E_Turret winder.pdf

Turret winder

Winding of material web in a continuous winding process

208-E_Unwinding- inspection and packing unit.pdf

Unwinding- inspection- and packing unit

for PVC floor cover

Krögel - product overview.pdf

Summary of our services and product portfolio

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