Our machine park

Our services include an extensive machine park for the production of individual or series parts. In addition to the consistently high quality of the components, the high level of vertical integration offers you flexibility and reliability in order processing on schedule.



up to Ø630 mm and 5.000 mm length

Center distance: 2.000mm

Circulation-Øvia bed: 520mm

Circulation-Øvia cross suppport: 300mm

Circulation-Øvia cranking: 750mm

Witdh of the cranking: 270mm

Center distance: 5.000mm

Circulation-Øvia bed: 680mm

Circulation-Øvia cross suppport: 400mm

Circulation-Øvia cranking: 850mm

Witdh of the cranking: 300mm


x 3.000mm / xy 3.000mm / xz 2.000mm

Table clamping area :1.400x1.600mm

Max. permitted weigh on the table: 3.500kg

Cross stroke: X=2.100mm

Longitudinal stroke: Y=1.800mm

Vertical stroke: Z=1.600mm

Table clamping area :1.525x1.220mm

Max. permitted weigh on the table: 4.000kg

Cross stroke: X=2.000mm

Longitudinal stroke: Y=2.400mm

Vertical stroke: Z=1.800mm



Drilling power in steel: up to Ø50mm

Craps table: 750x600x600mm


Drilling power in steel: Ø30mm max.

Tapping capacity up to M24

Outreach: 300mm

Drilling stroke: 160mm

Speeds: 75-2.010 Upm

Feeds: 0,10-0,30mm/U

Vertical slotting machine

Higher slide stroke: 0-200mm

Useable table: 650x220mm

Milling machinen


Table clamping surface : 1.800x400mm

X-longitudinal travel: 1.300mm

Y-lateral travel: 430mm

Z-vertical travel: 480mm

Power: 11/7,3kW

NC-Konsol-ALCOR 220 Easy

Table clamping surface : 1.000x450mm

X-longitudinal travel: 750mm

Y-lateral travel: 450mm

Z-vertical travel: 545mm

Power: 11kW

Control: Heidenhain TNC320

Spindle speed: 90-3.200 U/min

Max. feed and rapid movement(X/Y): 0-3.000mm/min.

Max. feed and rapid movement(Z): 0-750mm/min

Sawing machinen

Cutting range 0° round: Ø255mm

Cutting range 0° rectangle: 310x210mm

Cutting range 0° square: 210mm

Cutting range +45° round: Ø220mm

Cutting range +45° rectangle: 220x200mm

Cutting range +45° square: 210mm

Cutting range -45° round: Ø230mm

Cutting range -45° rectangle: 230x210mm

Cutting range -45° square: 210mm

Cutting range -60° round: Ø135mm

Cutting range -60° rectangle: 135x135mm

Cutting range -60° square: 135mm

Cutting range 90° round: Ø320mm

Cutting range 90° rectangle: 452x220mm bzw. 400x300mm

Cutting range 45° right side round: Ø300mm

Cutting range 45° right side rectangle: 200x200mm

Cutting range 30° round: Ø90mm

Cutting range 30° rectangle: 120x80mm

Hydraulisches Richten

Pressure capacity: 60to (600kN)

Piston stroke: 300mm

Both piston rods-Ø: 160mm

Installation height max.: 860mm

Working width: 450mm



up to 5to Unit weight

Rolls production

up to Ø400mm and 5.000mm


Nasslackierung z.B. gemäß RAL

Airless-and 2K-spray technology


New CNC-milling unit


 DOWNLOAD -CNC-milling unit-


Benefit from our vertical range of manufacture and experience

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