Application systems

Do you have special requirements when coating your web-shaped materials? We offer you huge experience in a wide variety of application areas.

We offer you individual coating systems for a wide variety of web-shaped materials exactly according to your requirements.


Depending on the coating mass, application quantities from a few grams to several kilograms per square meter are possible.

Our mechanical engineering specialists will be happy to advise you in detail and implement special solutions and system optimizations for you.

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Selection of some products made according to customer requirements.

Kiss roll 4.200mm ATEX

Movable machine frame / driven and height-adjustable kiss roller / drain tray / stripper knife

Zwickel Foulard

Pinch rollers pneumatically adjustable / defined gap adjustment / coating on one or both sides / changing paste feed / use of foam application PDF Herunterladen

Kiss roll 5.200mm

Wrap angle of kiss roller adjustable / fluid tray can be moved from the system / driven distribution roller

Coating unit AB 2.400mm

Air and cylinder blade / pull-off unit / weight measurement / traveling paste feed

Table coating system AB 1.700mm

Precise aluminum table surface / blade bar height and angle adjustable / defined gap adjustment with dial indicator display / integration into existing production line

Reverse-roll coater

Pairs of rollers can be adjusted pneumatically / exact gap adjustment / minimum application on foils and paper

Hotmelt / extrusions coating

water-cooled lamination roller pairing pneumatically adjustable / customer-side hotmelt application / gap adjustment with dial gauge

Kiss coater fibres

Kiss coater retrofitting in coating line / self-sufficient control / level sensor

Spray application

With changing spray heads for optimal coating distribution

Kiss coater mobile 3.400mm

Movable machine frame / driven and height-adjustable kiss roller / removable and height-adjustable drain tray / stripper knife

Dip coating fibres

Squeegee roller pairing pneumatically adjustable / plunge pool removable

Kiss coater 3.200mm

Wrap angle of the roller roller adjustable / fluid tray can be moved from the system

Powder dosing unit 2.400mm

Pneumatic gap opening / stainless steel tray

Plunge pool 5.200mm

Stainless steel / stationary version

Kiss coater 4.400mm

Adjustable angle of contact with roller / fluid tray can be removed


Technical details 
Working widths up to 5.800 mm
Machine speed up to 100 m/min
Coating material Paste, fluid, powder, hot-melt, ...
Application systems individual or combined option
Processing of Wide range of materials and weights.


Application systems:


As a special machine builder, we deliver customer-specific winding, lamination, cutting and storage systems from a single source for all coating systems.

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