Lamination systems

Do you have special requirements when laminating your web-shaped materials? We will implement the lamination technology you want exactly according to your specifications. We have a suitable solution for a wide variety of applications in the field of wet lamination, thermal lamination or adhesive applications.

We offer you individual lamination systems for a wide variety of web-shaped materials exactly according to your requirements.

Our mechanical engineering specialists will be happy to advise you in detail and implement special solutions and system optimizations for you.

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Selection of some products made according to customer requirements.

Lamination unit 1.400mm

driven heated lamination rollers / pneumatic movement / top roller

Center winder with triple lamination 1.300mm

Safety chucks support / spreader rollers / pressure rollers / roller with friction function

Triple lamination unit

Triple lamination

Carbon laminiation unit

Double carbon unwinding / double protective film unwinding / pneumatic press unit / heating zone

Quattro lamination

Quattro driven center unwinder / pneumatic pair of press rollers / edge control

Lamination unit 2.300mm

Lamination unit via air pressure / 4 rollers cooling station

Laminating unit with hotmelt nozzle application 4.900mm

Pair of squeeze rollers / center unwinding / pull-off unit / operating platform / movable hotmelt nozzle unit

Lamination station for roof sealing

Quattro center unwinder / laminating and embossing station

Lamination unit 1.800mm

Laminating unit with double center unwinding / pneumatically braked / pneumatically adjustable pair of squeeze rollers

Lamination unit 1.800mm

Squeegee roller pair pneumatically adjustable / heated infeed roller

Lamination unit with IR-field 1.800mm

Hydraulic roller adjustment / cooled roller pairing / insulating housing

Hotmelt laminating unit 1.400mm

Cooled roller pairing / pneumatic adjustment with gap adjustment

Laminating unit 1.600mm

Laminating unit 1.600mm

Laminating unit 1.400mm

Cooled roller pairing / gap adjustment / ionization / operating platform PDF Herunterladen

Laminating unit 1.200mm

Double center processing with safety chucks support / spreader roller / edge control / web tension control

Lamination unit 3.600mm

Pneumatically adjustable squeeze roller pairings

Lamination unit with IR-field 1.400mm

Pneumatically adjustable squeegee roller pairs / cooled rollers / suction device

Lamination unit 3.600mm

Center unwinding driven with safety chucks support / pull-off unit / pneumatically adjustable squeeze roller pairing

Laminating unit 1.200mm

Double center unwinding mechanically braked with safety chucks support / pneumatically adjustable squeeze roller pairing


Technical details 
Working widths up to 5.800 mm
Machine speed up to 100 m/min
Unwinder and winder diameter up to 2.000 mm
Roller temperature control heated, cooled
Lamination via Heat, extrusion, powder, hot-melt
Roller adjustment pneumatic, hydraulic
Roller arrangement vertical or horizontal
Composite Double and multiple lamination
Processing of Wide range of materials and weights.


What is lamination ?

The term lamination or lamination means the connection of several layers of the same or different web-like materials. Depending on the material properties of the individual material layers, they are connected to one another under the action of temperature and / or pressure. Alternatively, adhesives may also be necessary to achieve the desired material pairings. The fundamental aim is to create a new material characteristic for the respective application.


As a special machine builder, we deliver customer-specific winding systems, coating, , cutting and storage systems from a single source for all lamination systems.

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