Special machinery

Do you have special requests for the processing of your materials? We develop and implement the desired concept for you. Depending on the requirements, we can offer you a wide variety of solutions specifically for your application.

As a special machine builder, we are able to realize your product ideas individually.


Our mechanical engineering specialists will be happy to advise you in detail and implement special solutions and system optimizations for you.

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Selection of some products made according to customer requirements.

Reel Tilter 1.000 kg

Roller tilter for floor level / roller weight max.1.000kg / floor space approx. 1.200x1.200mm / storage of roller material on trolley / easy manual loading and unloading with lift truck at floor level / easy operation via control panel / including lowering brake in the cylinder / easy assembly with heavy-duty dowels

Wrapping and cutting machine

Centric lap take-up / manually shiftable lap unwind / cutting system

Oven waggon 100to

Movable on rail system

Coil lift unit for aluminum coils

Movable on rail system / lifting system / 2-way mounting device

Pressure frame with individual weights

18 individual weights / stainless steel sheet glued on / total weight approx. 3.700kg

Lamination station for roof sealing

Quattro center unwinder / laminating and embossing station

Wire straightening machine

Plate unwinder / retrofit by 3 roller mills / center winder driven / self-acting cooling system

Paternoster from 4.800mm / storage system for rolls

Storage system for roll goods / chain drive / storage space for 20 pieces roll goods / table with stainless steel cover / integrated control

Guillotine shears wire mesh 2.000mm

Solid machine frame / punching knife unit / integrated control

Gluing device 3.600mm

Solid machine frame / pneumatic press unit / integrated control / for temperature-resistant connection of 2 ends of goods when changing rolls by means of temperature and pressure without changing the material thickness

Measuring device

Measuring device for parcel shelf / pneumatic hold-down device / guides measuring unit

Continuous dryer for wheel bolts

Screws conveyed by chain drive / convection drying oven / screw head plunge pool

Continuous dryer for wheel bolts

Screw head immersion and centrifugal basins

Turnover star 2.200mm

Pull-off unit / web tension control / guide rollers / 90 ° material guidance

Roll centering

electrically and synchronously adjustable side plates

Plunge basin for yarn / fiber

Plunge basin / pneumatic adjustable squeegee roller rubberized / coating for yarn

Plate unwinder for wire winding

Horizontal unwinder / loading approx. 1.500 kg / speed 400m / min

Center winder wire winding

Vertical unwinder / speed 400m / min

Turnover star 2.200mm

Pull-off unit / web tension control / guide rollers / 90 ° material guidance

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