Rewinders and rewinding systems

Do you have special requirements when rewinding your web-shaped materials? We will implement the rewinding technology you want exactly according to your specifications. From simple manual to automatic changing stations. Are your materials particularly sensitive to tension and pressure? Based on our experience, we can offer you the right concept.

We offer you individual rewinding systems for a wide variety of web-shaped materials exactly according to your requirements.

Our mechanical engineering specialists will be happy to advise you in detail and implement special solutions and system optimizations for you.

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Selection of some products made according to customer requirements.

Center winder including ascending batch winder 4.800mm

Center winder driven and pneumatically vertically adjustable in height / width adjustment

Double surface winder

Double surface winder with support roller / incl. storage area

Surface winder with lay-on roller AB 2.100mm

Ascending batch winder with lay-on roller / vertical center guide / lowerable winding roller for material ejection / folding table

Surface winder with center guide 4.800mm

Ascending batch winder with center guide or lateral guide elements PDF Herunterladen

Surface winder with driven lay-on roller AB 5.100mm

Ascending batch winder with driven lay-on roller / vertical center guide / cross cutter PDF Herunterladen

Center winder and plaiter AB 3.600mm

Combination unwinder with plaiter system and center winder with driven lay-on roller / swiveling operating platform / retrofitting

Surface winder AB 1.400mm

Surface winder including pull-off unit / side guides / web tension control / control box PDF Herunterladen

Surface winder AB 4.400mm

Ascending batch winder with swiveling winding roller for large rolls PDF Herunterladen

Turret winder 1.200mm

Automatic turret winder / fly knife / safety chucks for pneumatic expansion shafts PDF Herunterladen

System outlet 3.600mm

System outlet with ascending batch winder and center winder incl. lay-on roller

Double center winder swiveling 1.400mm

Double center winder swiveling from /safety chucks

Double center winder cantilever 1.400mm

Double center winder / 1400mm / max. 750kg

Mobile center rewinder AB 1.200mm

Pneumatically driven winding shaft / self-supporting storage / movable / digital meter counter / storage area

Lay-on roller system 3.200mm

Pneumatically adjustable driven lay-on roller / pulling mechanism

Center winder including ascending batch winder AB 4.600mm

Center winder driven and pneumatically vertically adjustable in height / width adjustment

Double center winder pivotable 1.800mm

Double center winder pivotable / safety chucks support

Mobile surface winder from 3.600mm

Mobile surface winder / side guides / pull-off unit / measuring roller / wrapping machine / retrofitting

Double plaiter AB 1.800mm

Double plaiter / two lifting tables

Heavy-duty A-frame stainless steel 5.100mm

Heavy-duty A-frame stainless steel / safety chucks support

Center winder self-supporting 400mm

Center winder / driven expansion shaft cantilevered

Double center winder pivotable 1.800mm

Double center winder pivotable / safety chucks support

A-frame width adjustable 1.800-3.800mm

A-frame width adjustable / mobile / pneumatic mandrel holder / connection coupling for drive / mechanical brake

Double center winder with support roller 1.200mm

Double center rewinder with support roller / conveyor belt / spreader rollers / lamination unwinding / longitudinal cutting systems / cross cutting system

A-frame with shaft 2.400mm

Mobile A-frame / coupling for drive / steel winding shaft / mechanical brake


Technical details 
Working widths up to 5.800 mm
Machine speed up to 100 m/min
Unwinder and winder diameter up to 2.000 mm
Winding type Batch, central
Finishing with and without cutting system
Finished roll change Continuous / intermittent
Finished roll removal with and without winding shaft handling
Finished roll handling with and without wrapping device
Processing of Wide range of materials and weights


What is the function of a rewinder ?

Rewinders take on the task of unwinding the web-shaped material wound on a core or without a core. A basic distinction is made between the two types of winding, contact winder and center winder. With the contact winder, the material roll on top is driven by one or more contact rollers or drive belts. A widespread variant of the contact winder is the support rollers or ascending batch winder where the material roll acts supported on 2 rollers arranged in parallel. The contact winder can be used where there are no special demands on the surface of the material to be wound.

With the center winder, the material is picked up in the winding center. Depending on how sensitive the winding material reacts to tensile and compressive loads a tension control system is used.


As a special machine builder, we deliver customer-specific coating, lamination, cutting and storage systems from a single source for all rewinding systems.

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